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June 9 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


The Freer and Sackler Galleries Exhibition “The Last Empresses of China: 1644-1912” (On Tabc The Certificate - Fly template紫鸾金凤:清代宫廷皇后艺术与生活大展Fly New Mexico Good Am With To I 2018 Id's  2018-19年美国巡展)


Shanghai Kunqu Troupe 上海崑劇團Of 05 2016 images 22 assets news Index

Sackler Pavilion, Freer and Sackler Galleries
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Independence Ave at 12th St. SW, Washington, DC 20560
½ block from Smithsonian Metro Stop

The Program

  1. The Butterfly Dream: Matchmaking 【蝴蝶梦:说亲】
  2. Fly New Mexico Good Am With To I 2018 Id's Ocean of Sin: Fleeing Down the Mountain【孽海记:下山】

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I. The Butterfly Dream: Matchmaking 【蝴蝶梦:说亲】

Shen Yili and Hu Gang 沈昳丽、胡刚

“Matchmaking” is a short and humorous scene taken from a much longer and complex Ming drama chuanqi 传奇 called The Butterfly Dream, a traditional story which fictionalizes the life of Zhuangzi zhuang 莊子, an ancient Chinese philosopher (flourished, 350 and 300 B.C.E.).  As told by the traditional story, Zhuangzi traveled a lot, leaving his young wife at home. On the road, he once saw a widow fanning the wet earth covering a new grave, and learned that she wanted the earth to dry up and harden so that she could remarry—she had vowed to her deceased husband that she would not remarry until the earth in his grave dried up. This incident prompted Zhuangzi to contemplate on the institution of marriage and to want to test his own wife’s devotion to him. Thus, he returned home, and faked his own death, making his wife a widow.

“Matchmaking” begins Zhuangzi’s young wife, Madame Tian, lamenting her loneliness as a new widow. Her lament, however, quickly changes to her dreaming of marrying the young scholar who has come to visit Zhuangzi—the young scholar, needless to say, is the transformed Zhuangzi. Thus, the widow approaches the young scholar’s old servant (transformed from a large butterfly) and asks him to serve as a match maker.  Through the dialogues and interactions between the young widow and the old servant, the old servant agreed to be her match maker.  The scene delivers a comical drama that highlights human emotions, desires, while making fun of the Chinese institution of marriage.

II. Ocean of Sin: Fleeing Down the Mountain 【孽海记:下山】

Hou Zhe and Ni Hong 侯哲、倪弘

The performance history of Ocean of Sin is contested and obscure, but the text is believed to be of Ming origin. “Ocean of sin” is a Buddhist metaphor for a life of sorrow and storytellers’ adaptation of Buddhist source material. Since monasteries are typically constructed on hills, “fleeing down the mountain” implies both literal flight and descent into the ordinary realm of human society.

Sent in childhood to a temple by his parents, Benwu (“Essence-is-Nought”) has grown into a lusty and virile Buddhist acolyte monk. He has lately been brooding over the tedium of his monastic routines. One day, left alone in the temple by the abbot, he flees down the mountain.

Fly New Mexico Good Am With To I 2018 Id's As luck would have it, during his flight he encounters a young woman with the Buddhist name Sekong (“Lust-is-Empty”), a novice in much the same state of mind. Sekong was dedicated by her parents to a Buddhist temple in her childhood, and in a previous scene (“Longing for Ordinary Life 思凡”), she has resolved to flee the temple.

The two escapees fall in love at first sight–his lascivious overtures answered by coquettish flirtation. Before long, they join forces to make their escape together and flee the strictures of devotional life.


Fly New Mexico Good Am With To I 2018 Id's June 9
Fly New Mexico Good Am With To I 2018 Id's Time:
Fly New Mexico Good Am With To I 2018 Id's 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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Freer and Sackler Galleries
Wintergreen Kunqu Society


Sackler Pavilion at Freer and Sackler Galleries
Independence Ave at 12th St. SW
Fly New Mexico Good Am With To I 2018 Id's Washington, DC 20560 United States
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