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    • - Agency Standard Sutton Ohio Insurance Edward Dl H Tax Equalization and Reduction Act (Rep. Quinn)
    • SB0132 Beer Amendments (Sen. Stevenson)
    • SB0096 Medicaid Expansion Adjustments (Sen. Christensen)
    • SB0129 Public Safety and Firefighter Tier II Retirement Enhancements (Sen. Harper)
    • HB0149 Traffic Code Amendments (Rep. Brooks)
    • HB0136 Abortion Amendments (Rep. Acton)
    • SB0103 Victim Targeting Penalty Enhancements (Sen. Thatcher)
    • SB0034 Affordable Housing Modifications (Sen. Anderegg)
    • HB0057 Electronic Information or Data Privacy (Rep. Hall)
    • HB0288 Critical Infrastructure Materials (Rep. Wilde)
    • HB0120 Student and School Safety Assessment (Rep. Ward)
    • HB0066 Year-round Daylight Saving Time (Rep. Judkins)
    • HB0399 Prohibition of the Practice of Conversion Therapy upon Minors (Rep. Hall)
    • SB0121 Controlled Business in Title Insurance Repeal (Sen. Hemmert)
    • HB0017 Firearm Violence and Suicide Prevention Amendments (Rep. Eliason)
    • SB0043 Criminal Provisions Modifications (Sen. Mayne)
    • SB0052 Secondary Water Metering Requirements (Sen. Anderegg)
    • HB0209 Extreme Risk Protective Order (Rep. Handy)
    • HB0008 State Agency and Higher Education Compensation Appropriations (Rep. Moss)
    • HB0324 Tobacco Age Amendments (Rep. Eliason)
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